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Reverse alarm clock

One of the keys to being a happy productive person is that you need regular sleeping patterns as well as simply making sure you get enough. It is something my father is very passionate about and believes organisations should be focusing on ensuring they are aiding their people to get good healthy sleep.

Not only does your body undergo intensive repair and rejuvenation when you are asleep, your brain is busy at work as well. Storing and sorting data, committing memories from short to long term, and so forth. Researchers are still discovering how important this phase is – especially for remembering and recall in the future. Of course, this coincides with society as a whole getting (and accepting) less sleep.

So, we all use alarm clocks to help wake us up (and ensure we get to work on time). Why not use an alarm clock to help you get to sleep?

For the last month I have had my cellphone alarm go off at 10pm. This reminds me it is time to start my ‘going-to-sleep’ ritual, which includes having a shower and a small amount of preparation for the next day. Not only has this helped me to remember to go to bed, my body has now started to associate the alarm going off with the need to prepare mentally and physically for bed. This means I’m now getting to sleep faster and in a more relaxed manner.

The payoff being good and happy productive days, try it out for a week and see how it helps.

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