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Social commentary for the week

$92,000 per prisoner per year
That title appeared outside most corner stores this morning with the Dom Post running an article on the soaring cost of prisoner upkeep. This shows perfectly, to me, one of the fundamental problems with our justice system and our thinking on justice. We never focus on victims of crime (unless it will sell newspapers), we only focus on the offenders.

How much money do we spend each year on victims of crime? I would love to see some figures… my guess is that it’s less than 1% of that total. If that.

For your reading: Restorative Justice

Maori leaders standing up
At the risk of offending every single New Zealander, I’m extremely heartened to see Maori community leaders stand up and say recent stories of horrific child abuse in Rotorua are a “national scandal”. It is. We have to stop feeling sick when reading stories like that of Lillybing or Nia Glassie and get off our collective proverbial and take responsibility. All we seem to be able to do is debate Section 59

Our nation’s child abuse record is shocking and is one of many factors that indicate we’re losing our first-world status. What are we going to do about it?

These two stories are probably more closely connected than we think.

- JohnL (born: Rotorua)

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John-Daniel Trask
Tuesday, 31st July 2007 10:26 am

Prisoners: Happy to pay to keep a murderer locked up. I’m not so keen to save a wee bit of tax and have one live next door to me instead. I would prefer they don’t get a Hilton experience (the hotel, not the girl) when in jail but either way – as long as they’re not near me I’m happy.

Family Violence: This is truly sad. Good to see that the recently passed anti-smacking bill is working. *rolls eyes*



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