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Mandibular third molars


Tomorrow I’m faced with the joy of having all four of my wisdom teeth (or mandibular third molars) removed. Given the option of being knocked out with a general anaesthetic or having a local + sedative I opted for the (much) cheaper option. So sedative it is!

Apparently I’ll “be very calm, you might not even remember it”. Perfect.

So for those who’ve already had it done. What’s it actually like? As bad as they say it is? Any tips on slushy foods for afterwards? Luckily, nurse Sarah is free these days to take care of me.

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Thursday, 28th August 2008 2:33 pm

i got totally knocked out when i had mine out
and i had an actual dental surgeon at a hospital do it instead of my dentist becuase they were impacted or something like that

don’t remember a thing, except um quite a bit of blood :/ and having a week in bed consuming things like custard and ice cream and chocolate moose and drinking those power aid drinks which are sickly sweet but do the job when eating is no fun.

I do recommend getting difflam anti inflammatory mouthwash
after the drugs wear off it numbs your whole mouth, and i became close friends with panadeine for a week.

Pain = bad in the sue world

have fun i bet nurse Sarah will be awesome

Thursday, 28th August 2008 10:44 pm

shit dude is that your personal x-ray? that right wisdom tooth is growing right into your other teeth!

Friday, 29th August 2008 12:13 am

Who would ever choose to be a dentist!?

I had three wisdom teeth out at once by the Dentist with just the normal drugs but I was totally spaced out, I would recommend not trying to walk home by yourself!

Also having a numb mouth for hours afterwards is disgusting and very, very messy! Don’t be wearing your favourite Threadless tshirt : )

I recommend eating as much as you can before you get them out! Esp chewy and crunchy food, which you may struggle with for awhile! Oh the cravings for burgers, chippies, crisp apples etc… : )

Friday, 29th August 2008 2:49 am

Ah bro if that’s your x-ray the right hand side is going to suuuuck. Stock up big time on codeine and good luck with that local.

I only had one pulled, they ended up having to chisel part out, missed the mark and I ended up with 5 stitches in my cheek.

Have fun tough! :/

Friday, 29th August 2008 9:24 am

Good luck mate! Sounds pretty gruesome.

mark Chambers
Sunday, 31st August 2008 11:07 pm

i was generalised. counted back from 5, got to like 3… Woke up feeling quite refreshed, until the doctor told me my dad was waiting for me outside, kicks me out the fire exit, shoves a plastic cup in my hand (with bits of blood and spent teeths), then slams the door.

My wounds opened up a week later which was pretty gross. Boiled (or any type of) eggs are a treat with a wee bit of butter and salt & pepper.

you’ll look like a chipmunk for a couple of days.

goodluck pal

Monday, 1st September 2008 9:35 pm

Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys!

Am out the other side of it now, thank God, and my days of looking like a chipmunk are numbered (I hope).

I can’t remember a thing about the actual “operation”. One moment I was watching my heartbeat rate… and then I fell asleep. Only waking up as they were finishing off.

Spent all of the day after throwing up until I stopped taking the prescribed codeine… suck.

Oh, and that wasn’t my x-ray :)



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