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Looking forward

Minimal Mac, on seeing the future:

Perhaps that is the most frustrating part to me. I see this future, and all the pieces to build it, sitting right there. We could have it, today, in every room in our house. Walk up to a screen and command it. Interact with the stuff you have there. Naturally. But, due to lack of vision, it’s not magic. It’s a game. As long as the blinders of the present and past remain, it will never be anything more.

How to find fault with with the company that produced the the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history. Flawless.

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Friday, 24th June 2011 1:11 am

Sorry to say John, but that article is pure fan boyism. I own an xbox and dont own an iPhone (prefer Android) so that

I mean, the author has a point about seeing the future. No doubt about it, Kinect was released as a toy.

But does that mean theres no future vision for it? Hell no. The idea that this author can see applications for Kinect that MS is a bit presumptuous to be honest. Every man and his dog can see the potential.

Also, the author (lets say ‘he’)obviously has no idea of MS’s strategy for the xbox either – if he’s ever followed MS’s Marketing he’d know they see the xbox platform covering more than just gaming. Netflix? Last.Fm? Facebook?

But the downfall is the last paragraph, Apple saw the future? Hmm, well they built an ipod, added a touch screen (ipod touch), added phone capabilities (iphone), then made the screen bigger (iPad). All these products have revolutionised each product industry – no doubt and thank god.

But they were all logical progressions of PAST iterations. If the iPad had come out in say, 2005, before touch screens and apps stores, then I’d buy into the whole ‘They did not let the past or present inform them. ‘ spiel.

Friday, 24th June 2011 1:13 am

That first paragraph should have been:

I own an xbox (but not a kinect), dont own an iPhone (prefer Android) but have 3 iPods at home. I reckon that makes me fairly balanced.

Friday, 24th June 2011 1:46 pm

You make a good point Stu. However if Apple’s ‘things’ are all just logical progressions – how’d they get started with the iPod?

My main point is that people too easily write-off the Balmer-led Microsoft. The Kinect is THE fastest selling consumer electronics device in history, as an example. In history!

What I like about Patrick’s article is that he saw a way to say their approach sucks. I find it fascinating :)



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