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A cynic and a comic

Busker (puts down guitar, pulls out ciggies): I bet you I make more money during my smoko break than I do actually playing… because that’s HOW STUPID PEOPLE ARE!!

- Opera House Lane

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When it rains it pours

Boy: It’s not my fault!

Girl: I know! It’s not like I actually think you control the weather

- cnr Dixon and Egmont

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Honestly, it is

Girl: Hey, where is the Southern Cross?

Boy 1: On Abel Smith street

Girl: No…

Boy 1: Oh, maybe Wigan then?

Girl: No, no…

Boy 2: Yes it is! Abel Smith!

Girl: No, the Southern Cross. Y’know… the stars…

Boy 1: Oh, it’s that one up there. *points*

 - New Years Eve, Mt Vic

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Me gusta Frey

“Really? I’m buying it as a gift for someone who has been through this before and I don’t want to buy it if its not true.”

- Girl trying to buy James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, responding to sales attendant’s caution. Melbourne International Terminal.

Bwhahahaha. I was happy man that day…

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