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A Blunt or a Senz?

It has been quite a while, but rain has returned to London. I forgot to take my umbrella with me when I left OTHERmedia in March and it was only today, well over two months later, that I had to buy another one.

Umbrellas came up in conversation with Ari a couple of nights ago. For anyone who’s lived in Wellington, actually getting to use an umbrella is a novelty. It’s a novelty I do enjoy, sometimes.

It’s certainly an excuse to geek out over brollies. There are two umbrellas I’ve seen lately that may be up to some of Wellington’s weather.

The Blunt

Blunt Umbrellas

The first is Kiwi-company Blunt Umbrellas. These things look precision engineered compared to your average brolly. As soon as the Blunt Lite becomes available I am getting one. I don’t care how much it costs.

The Senz

Senz Umbrellas

The second is the Senz. Designed to withstand 100 km/h wind, the only problem I have with it is that you’ll look like a right bell-end carrying it about.

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