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Crafty people

I got a chance (like several thousand others) to head to Craft 2.0 last Saturday at the New Dowse. I always enjoy walking around the stalls – the whole event has such a great feel.

sueq.jpg First person I bumped into was Sue Quigley, also formerly of Intergen, who was selling her jewelry. “I haven’t got that much left, it has been a good day”. Fantastic.

jeffw.jpg Moving around I then saw Jeff and got to witness him selling one of his excellent tikis to an eager punter. I think I can now say I’ve witnessed every single phase of Ponoko end-to-end. Brilliant!

Got to say a quick hello to SuperVery Sue who was busy making sure things were running smoothly. Apparently 1000 people had made it through in the first 30 mins alone, at which point the New Dowse people decided to give up counting… Wow.

wswlogo.gif Grabbed a copy of Hannah and Thomas’ new baby, World Sweet World. The first issue, for autumn, made its debut at Craft 2.0. It looks and feels great, I love the size of the magazine and I really want to try out the beer glass article. I’m quite inspired that they’ve been able to create a magazine in as few as 4 months. Thinking cap is on to work out if/where/how Ponoko could contribute to the next one. Spiffy!

yana.jpg Then on my way out I saw Yana Skala aka Chromatophobic who was also reporting a good day. Can’t wait to see how her Retarded Raven turns out.

Craft 2.0 is simply awesome. If you haven’t been to one yet you really need to make the effort and head out for the next one. It also has sooo much potential – can’t wait to see it grow and develop (when is the online shop coming?).

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