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Web 2.0 presso breaks the 100k mark

About two years ago, Intergen, gave me an opportunity to create a Web 2.0 focused presentation:

I presented it in Auckland, Wellington, & Christchurch as part of Intergen’s Twilight seminars as well as a Brightstar conference in Auckland. It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I uploaded the slides to Slideshare to create an easy way to share them around. I noticed after a few weeks it was getting a consistent amount of views – something that has continued for 2 years now having just now recorded it’s 100,000th view!

I think it’s probably the most popular piece of media I’ve personally produced. Next goal: 1,000,000!

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Being a community manager

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Simon Young for his iJumpTV podcast. A few weeks ago Simon put the interview up:

This was my first interview and it was a lot of fun to do. Watching it was quite a bit tougher – I think some media training wouldn’t go amiss…

If you haven’t checked out the iJump podcast you really should. It going to be a great record of online Kiwi’s years down the track. And if you need help making sense of social media talk to Simon and Marie!

Update: this is the quote/slide from Heather Champ I referred to. (Hattip Sue)

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I can never think of witty titles…

In a few hours our first 10-Day Design Challenge open round draws to a close. We’re experiencing quite a fantastic response. We focused on jewelry or wearable art for our first challenge and looking through the pages of entries I’m blown away with the effort people have put in.

From here 25 are chosen to be made for the invitational round. Then it gets down to the business end with 10 runners up selected, each winning USD$300 and a grand prize awarded to the best overall design for USD$1,000.

It’s still technically possible to enter into the challenge. Start here, then watch the clock… 2.5 hours to go.

Moo asked Ponoko to participate in their Moo Egg Hunt, we agreed. They’re running a really cool promotion which involves finding these eggs. Some in the real world, some in the unreal virtual world. Yours truly hid some around Wellytown – I think the photos are too easy and give it away, see for yourself.

I’m popping up to Auckland on Thursday for the Auckland Web Meetup to talk about Ponoko. I hope to see some familiar faces. Anyone going along? Anything in particular about Ponoko you’d like to hear about?

Then this weekend it’s WOMAD. Anyone else trekking up to the Naki for this?

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Channeling TUANZ

tuanz1.gif The TUANZ Business Internet Awards are on tonight and I have the pleasure (?) of seeing two sites I’ve worked on reach finalist stage.

The DoC site is a finalist in the Information Architecture category and Ponoko (with Origin) are finalists in the User Generated Content category.

Poor old Sal (who, funnily enough, also worked on DoC) had an unmovable appointment with our public health care system yesterday. So it was up to Jase and myself to try and convince the 5 judges we are the generalissimos of the user-generated content generation. We’ll know later tonight if we were successful… wish me luck.

Update: We didn’t win our category but we did pick up the Craft Award!


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Greetings ALGIM conference goers

Hi to all the ALGIM folk who’ve made it to my blog. I really enjoyed presenting to you yesterday and found the Auckland and Northland case-studies very interesting. If you are here in search of my slides, you have two options:

You can download the (very large) PDF here [8.6MB].

Or you can view the slides on (or here on my blog):

Thanks again for the chance to talk to you all about Web 2.0. Good luck with the challenge.

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Introducing Web 2.0 concepts tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be giving my “Introducing Web 2.0 concepts” presentation here in Wellington. There are still a couple of spots left if anyone would like to come along and enjoy a drink and some nibbles:

When: 4.20pm, Wednesday 28th
Where: Intergen, Level 7, Plunket House, 126 Lambton
More info | Registration

See you then!

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Greetings Brightstar conference goers

Hi to all the Brightstar Emerging Web Technologies and Trends conference goers who’ve found their way onto my blog. It was fun presenting to you yesterday and I had a good time listening to the other presenters as well. My slides are available here [PDF 8.6MB] as well as on the Brightstar website.

I did have an enjoyable time presenting today and as always it was good to meet more people who are working in the industry and interested in the emerging trends we are seeing.

Nigel Parker and Michael Samson also spoke at the event and Michael did a great job of live-blogging the event. Interestingly, he notes whether a presenter used a Mac or not (of course I did!). If you’d like a brief overview of the session I presented today, do check out Michael’s notes… I will be bit-posting my presentation on my blog over the coming days/weeks (its too large for a single post).

Alternatively, if you’d like to see my presso I’ll be presenting it as part of Intergen’s Twilight series:
Wlg: Wed, 28th March
Akl: Thurs, 26th April
Chc: TBC (May)

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