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Oslo Operahuset

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Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset

Dubai, UAE

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Take off


Neat idea, beautifully shot. Can you spot Air NZ’s koru?

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I’ve been Schmap’d

A couple of my photos on Flickr have been picked up by the online travel guide, Schmap. I feel famous already…

One at the Imperial War Museum in London. And the other of the Beehive here in Wellington.

I guess that makes me a published photographer… right Rowan?

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Battery charged, check. Camera, check. Stack of memory cards, check.

This looks intensely cool and intensely fun. Flickr are running a “24 hour of flickr” event whereby you:

join us in 24 Hours of Flickr, a day-long global photo project. On May 5 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures.


You just need to join the 24 hours of flickr group and take some photos on Saturday. You can upload them from 6am Pacific Time on the 5th of May. For us in NZ, that means 1am on the 6th…

So, Jeff, Trey, Dave, Ari, Marksy, Pablo – you guys keen?

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Retreat! Refresh.

For the last two days, we’ve [Intergen Interactive] been holed up in a secret bach location somewhere in Raumati. I think it’s really important to take some time out away from the office with your workmates. We had some really productive sessions discussing different issues and opportunities we’re facing at the moment. More importantly, we had a really good time. But how could you not with a sunset like this:


Yep, that is the South Island in the background. Magic.

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Sa for Samoa

DSC_0168.JPGGot back this week from one awesome trip with S to Samoa. It was absolutely brilliant and I’d thoroughly recommend it. Highlights for me would be the people, they’d have to be some of the friendliest on earth. Driving on the right side of the road in our wee rental Chevy jeep. Big old glass Coke bottles, stacked next to coconuts in the fridge and snorkeling in pristine warm sea waters. Check out the set on flickr.

Consider it for your next holiday!

This coming Monday I’m presenting at the Emerging Web Technologies and Trends conference in Auckland. Run by Brightstar it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’ll be talking on introducing Web 2.0 concepts. It has meant a bit of hard return to work from a holiday straight into getting a presentation together but also quite rewarding at the same time.

On the remote chance someone reading this blog will be there… I look forward to seeing you there!

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Two more sets

Two more sets added to flickr. I took a few photos from my short holiday in Taranaki. Each year the local council runs the “Festival of Lights” in New Plymouth’s Pukekura Park. Not being from Taranaki, I remember locals telling me I had to see “the lights” because they were “so amazing”. I pretty much thought everyone was smoking crack… until I went and saw them for myself. They actually are amazing – my photos don’t do it justice.

New Plymouth Festival of Lights set »

And last weekend I went to a wedding in Christchurch which was, as usual, a lot of fun to catch up with friends and family. For those of you that know Phil and Philippa, here are the shots I took of their wedding. The 11am flight home on Sunday was wayyyyy to early though meaning I was a complete munter for most of Sunday.

The Phils’ Wedding set »

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Two new sets

Two new sets added to my flickr account. On Friday night I went on a bit of a photo shooting rampage with Trey. The idea being to take some shots of Wellington at night. Have a look at Trey’s (much better) shots here.

Wellington at night set »

And then on Saturday, Mrs S got her ear pierced which was fun (for me) to take photos of… apparently it wasn’t “that painful”. The studio was Flesh Wound in upper Cuba St, the piercer was this chap.

Piercing set »

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Long weekend, Taranaki style



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A Dunedin weekend


Recently we spent a 3 day weekend in Dunedin. Caught up with some old friends, re-experienced Dunedin hospitality and even caught a game at the House of Pain. Here is a shot of Dunedin from Signal Hill, city to the right, harbour to the left.

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Israeli soldiers


Have a look at this photogallery of female Israeli soldiers shot by photographer Rachel Papo, it’s absolutely amazing. This shot I chose because I feel it represents so much of what this assignment would have been trying to acheive. Young women being young women while completing 2 years of mandatory military service in one of the most hostile regions of the world.

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